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Rosemarie Law entertains audiences of all ages with a variety of music, literary, and dramatic Arts programs. Her Ukulele Rosemarie Sing-Along ignites wonderful memories of 100 years of popular American songs. Her poetry and storytelling includes fun audience participation (pen name: MiMi Zannino). And her historical portrayal of Emily Dickinson includes a Question-and-Answer session for audience members to discuss the fascinating life and work of this American poet who is beloved by people around the world.


Rosemarie provides large print song books so audience members can sing-along as she plays the ukulele and fills the room with popular show tunes, folk songs, movie theme songs, and love songs near and dear to everyone's hearts.

Emily Dickinson Live1

Rosemarie wears authentic attire from the 1800s as she brings to life the poetry and mysteries of America's beloved poet, Emily Dickinson. She has performed Time-Travel with Emily Dickinson over 50 times in Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Audiences love asking questions at the end of the performance and often recite along with their favorite Dickinson poems.


Ukulele Rosemarie Sing-Along

"Our residents loved singing their favorite songs as Ukulele Rosemarie led them with her fun ukulele playing. They especially enjoyed talking about the year each song was made popular and the singers who made the songs famous. She is a regular on our events calendar."

Emily Dickinson

"Our audience was mesmerized by this Emily Dickinson one-woman play. They enjoyed asking questions and having a conversation and meeting the performer afterwards at our tea and cookies event."

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